The Ultimate Guide on Setting up a Corporate Video Channel on YouTube

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Setting up a corporate video channel on YouTube requires careful planning, attention to detail along with a robust strategy. If you’re trying to set up your own channel on the platform, you may find this blog to be an insightful read.

Read on to uncover some top tips to help you get started with setting up your own corporate video channel.

5 Points to Consider when Setting up your Corporate YouTube Channel

As of mid-2021, there are over 37 million channels on YouTube. However, only a very small percentage of these are able to entice viewers and subscribers; and, an even smaller percentage of them are able to successfully optimise their channels for success in the form of conversions and sales.

The main point of difference is in the strategy that businesses adopt when setting up a YouTube channel, particularly a corporate channel. If you make a strong, robust strategy then your chances of success increases dramatically.

It is important to focus on the strategy more than anything else.

We are sharing the 5 most important points that you must consider when making a strategy and setting up your YouTube channel, such as:

1. Good branding is crucial

While for other channels, branding may not be as important. For corporate video channels, branding is the key to success. Everything on the channel from the colours, the logo to even the content that gets posted. These should be an identifiable reflection of your brand and products. People should be able to quickly recognize your brand through your channel.

2. Prioritise regular content posting

Many brands enthusiastically approach YouTube only to abandon it very quickly. This can be a disaster for your brand. You must prioritise YouTube marketing and make a schedule for posting content regularly on the platform. You don’t need to blitz your channel with content every day, however, there must be a regular stream of quality content.

3. Explore YouTube advertising options

If it fits your marketing strategy, consider paid YouTube advertising options. With an average view rate of 42%, YouTube is considered one of the most cost-effective advertising options on the internet today.

4. Interact with your audiences

You can truly get the best results out of your channel on YouTube when you start interacting with your audiences. Create polls, ask them to comment, reply to their comments; these are just a few ways in which you can directly engage with your audiences.

5. Consider partnering with a marketing agency

For most businesses, hiring a marketing agency for their YouTube channels is the best decision. It gives better results at a lower cost. It also frees up time for the entrepreneurs to work on their business rather than be constantly worried about marketing. Consider if partnering with a marketing agency is the right decision for your business. Most importantly, a video marketing agency can make sure you are producing great content that delivers value to your target audience. It doesn’t matter how professional your channel looks, or how regular you post if your content is poorly executed you just won’t get the conversion.

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Marketing on YouTube can behold wonderful results; however, it is a tricky and highly dynamic environment. While you can consider doing it in-house, it is undeniable that you can achieve far better results with a professional YouTube marketer on board.

At TwoFresh, we specialise in YouTube marketing particularly for corporates and businesses. Whether it is telling a story, selling a product or building a brand; we have done it all. Get in touch with us to unlock your business’s true potential.