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This is where we learn about you and your business. We get to understand your story and your business goals.

Define Success

Working with you we will map out what your KPI's are for the project, and what is important for you to achieve throughout the campaign.

Research Audience

Once we have defined your target market from the discovery phase, we will research how your key target personas behave. We will find out where they are spending their time online, what their spending habits are and find out what is important to them. Doing this allows us to cater a content strategy to them.

Define Key Messages

We will clearly define the key messages and themes each deliverable will have.

Ideas & Concepts

Based on our strategy phase, we will develop concepts that work for your campaign objectives. We will ensure that all campaigns are KPI driven and creative in their storytelling.

Designs & Storyboards

We use a combination of scripts, storyboards and designs to show you how the project will look and feel. In some cases websites will also be accompanied with wireframe designs.

Pre Production

Our Producers will arrange film crews, locations, logistics and any other elements required to produce and deliver any video or digital project. This ensures that ideas and campaigns are executed creatively, on schedule and on budget.

Filming & Animation

The production phase is where the captivating video and the immersive animation take place. By breathing life into the concepts and ideas, we help our Clients achieve their goals.

Website Development

This is where we create beautiful videos and rich media driven websites. We write the code, pull together all the creative elements and build a CMS that works for you, our Client.

Post Production

Here we edit and colour grade the video content, adding brand elements, music and voiceover to create polished films.

Marketing Deployment

We distribute the videos and push traffic to the websites through the strategically targeted platforms. Delivering it directly to your audience.

Measure Success

We define success at the beginning of our process so we can easily gage how well a campaign has done. We will report and make statistics available and can even offer video heat maps to show our Clients where their viewers were most engaged.

We look forward to hearing from you

Thank you for dropping by. If you would like some advice or a quote on a project, please feel free to leave your details and one of our Producers will get in touch with you as soon as possible.  


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