The psychology behind making video ads

Video marketing is definitely a phenomenal way to reach out to your target audience, increase conversion rate and boost business growth. There are several reasons why businesses are drawn to video marketing, such as –

· It provides a much greater ROI than any other marketing medium.

· It allows brands to reach a wider target audience, anywhere in the world.

· If properly planned and executed, video marketing is very cost-effective.

These are just some of the reasons why businesses across the world are turning to video marketing. Brands are creating their own YouTube channels and utilising platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to post video ads. If you are also one among such brands (or are planning to start your own video campaign), then you might find this blog to be of great use.

Here’s how you can use psychology to make effective video ads

A recent study found that video marketing-generated leads for over 83% of marketers and recorded an increase of 34% in conversion rate. However, while these are promising stats, there is another side to this whole discussion as well; for example, more than 65% of people skip video ads and about 90% get put off by a video that is too salesy.

Hence, the key to a successful video ad campaign is to be able to excite the viewer, retain their attention and get your messages across to them on an emotional level.

Here are some clever ways in which you can use the power of psychology to make video ads that are sure to be a success –

1. Do research on your target audience. What type of content are they watching? What keywords are they typing in Google? What other brands do they currently spend money with? Detailed research will allow you to come up with a concept that is focused on bringing value to them.

2. Ask your sales team about the questions and objections they hear. This will give you insight into the problems your target audience are trying to solve. Make sure you incorporate this type of language into your script.

3. You can use the power of colours while making ads to get your message across to the viewer. Different colours are perceived in a different way by the human mind. For example, blue exhibits trustworthiness while black exhibits power.

4. To make your ad memorable, use a storytelling medium. This will ensure that people remember it and might even share it with others, “Facts tell, stories sell”.

5. Use music to spark an emotion in your audience. Choose a soundtrack that matches the vibe of your video and will compel the viewer to watch on and act.

6. Choose the font carefully. Each font style can have a different impact; for example, if you write the text in a bold font, it will immediately catch the attention of the viewer.

7. Test different calls to action with your target audience. There is no harm in getting feedback before your launch your content out into the world.

These are just some ways in which you can utilise the power of psychology to script great ads that provide a greater return on your ad spending.

Kick-start your own video marketing campaign

Video ads are one of the most lucrative marketing tools at your disposal. You can achieve great results (and, wonderful ROI) by utilising video marketing campaigns. It is ideal to market a product, reach the target audience or simply enhance brand value.

A recent study found that over 72% of businesses have noted a substantial increase in sales and conversion rate after running a video marketing campaign. If you haven’t already started a video marketing campaign, now is the right time.

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