How to grow your business with LinkedIn videos?

Video is a very effective medium of communication and can be used on literally every platform. While marketers have been using videos on social media platforms like Facebook for a long time now, they have also pivoted to using videos on B2B platforms like LinkedIn.

A recent survey revealed that every 2 in 3 marketers believe that videos can boost the returns from B2B platforms like LinkedIn; and, more than 87% of brands have been using videos on their LinkedIn pages. Almost every marketer who used LinkedIn videos has admitted that it has provided great returns on their marketing spend.

If you haven’t tried videos on LinkedIn, here’s why you must –

· You can emerge as a niche leader or a subject authority by providing high quality, informative video content on your LinkedIn page.

· It can create a certain presence for your brand and increase brand value as well.

· It will ultimately result in a higher conversion rate and boost sales as well.

· It is a great way to grow your businesses organically.

Here is how you can use LinkedIn videos to grow your business

Creating and sharing video content on LinkedIn is a different ball game altogether. It is certainly very different from platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Hence, you need to understand the finer points and create a strategy accordingly.

Here are some tips that can help you grow your business with LinkedIn videos –

· Understand that LinkedIn is a high-quality B2B network and not your average social media network. People are not expecting to see a sales-y video or an overtly persuasive marketing campaign. You need to create a video that caters to the tone and audience of the platform.

· Try to understand who your target audience is on the platform. Who is the ideal viewer? Understanding your ideal viewer will help you in creating content that is suited for them. Content that serves them by providing education in an entertaining way seems to perform best.

· Optimise all the videos that your share on LinkedIn for the ideal audience. Also, add keywords and tags in the subtitles or description. You can even add a short call to action either in the video or in the description.

· Show a behind the scenes of your working environment, people love to see how you serve your clients and the culture of your team.

· Try to persuade your viewers to check your website or direct them to your landing page. This will help in increasing your conversion rate and help grow sales as well.

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