What Are The New Promising Platforms for Video Ads Besides YouTube and Facebook?

Every other brand is trying their hand at video marketing since it is considered as one of the most lucrative marketing channels as of today; and, rightly so. More than 68% of marketers agree that video provides greater returns than Google Ads. Also, 52% of marketers believe that video is the best way to raise brand awareness and 48% choose video marketing when they need to build trust among potential customers.

However, many people, especially, those who haven’t tried video marketing yet; often feel that it is a very narrow medium. They consider YouTube and Facebook to be the only viable platforms for online video marketing. This is as far as possible from the truth.

Yes, Facebook and YouTube are by far the largest available platforms for online video marketing; however, they are not the only platforms. There are many more platforms that you can use to generate great returns.

3 Great Alternatives to YouTube and Facebook for Video Marketing

So, here are 3 great alternative platforms that you could add to your video marketing plan –

1. TikTok

If you aren’t already using TikTok for video marketing, then you must consider integrating it with your existing marketing strategy. With over 2 billion downloads and more than 850 million active users, TikTok has a huge audience across the world. It is a great platform for brands that are targeting audiences under 30. Short form vertical video has taken the social media world by storm, have a think about how you can reach your target audience with this new approach to video marketing.

2. Twitter

Twitter used to be all about words until recently. It now offers a seamless way to share photos and videos as well. Adding Twitter to your list of video marketing platforms can open up a huge potential market as it has over 230 million users. This is great for those people who are looking to take their personal brand to the next level. Video on Twitter now allows your followers to get a real sense of the person behind the text.

3. Instagram

We all know that Instagram supports videos and photos. In fact, it allowed users to share videos as early as 2013; on the very first day, over 5 million videos were uploaded. However, did you also know that it is one of the most preferred platforms for video marketers? 43% of marketers choose Instagram over other platforms for video marketing. It is a great way to create mass appeal, reach a target audience and increase the conversion rate.

Harness potential of multiple platforms

While Facebook and YouTube have proven to be one of the best avenues for video marketing, it is best to not rely on them alone. You might want to diversify your video marketing efforts if you wish to attract a new customer base.

Create a strategy and identify the platforms that are best suited for your brand. Try to pick platforms that will make it easier to reach your target audience. If you are not able to narrow down on the correct platforms for your brand, take the help of a professional.

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