How to describe your company culture in a 1-minute video?

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What are your company’s values? Is the atmosphere at your company professional or is it more laidback? What is the vibe between colleagues?

These are some questions you must answer in a company culture video. It helps stakeholders, potential employees and even customers to better understand your company.

If you are trying to make a short yet attractive company culture video, then this article might definitely be of some help. It is one of our guides on corporate videos, this one is specifically aimed to help you get started on creating a 1-minute company culture video.

5 Tips to Make the Perfect Company Culture Video

A recent study found that the retention rate in humans is as high as 92% when they see a message via video as opposed to reading it as text. Retention rate of text-based messages is just 15%.

If you want to send across a message about your company, its values and its ethos, then a company culture video is a great option. Here are 5 tips to create the perfect video for your company:

1. Keep it short and simple

Nobody has the time (or the interest) to watch a long speech or presentation about your company’s culture. Keeping it short and simple makes it more effective. Try to make the message as crisp as possible. In fact, it should be easy enough to describe your company’s culture in a short, single sentence as well.

2. Tell a story

Since you are making a short video, you have a small window to spark the attention of your viewers. A great way to do so is through storytelling. Try to tell a real and interesting story about your business and how it shaped the way it is today. It is one of the best ways to openly talk about your company culture.

3. Be honest

People who are watching your company culture video are interested in getting to know your business better. It generally includes potential employees and investors. Hence, it is best to be honest. Tell them who you are and what values you hold and why this is important to you as a company.

4. Keep a welcoming tone

Your main aim with a short, crisp company culture video is to entice the viewer and pass on the message. Hence, make sure you have a welcoming tone and remember to smile. The entire theme of the video should be pleasant and welcoming in general.

5. Add employee testimonials

To leave an impact on the viewer in less than 60-seconds, one of the best things is to add testimonials of your employees. Add genuine reviews of employees talking about your company’s culture. Make realistic videos that are totally unscripted don’t try to fluff them up, keep it straight to the point.

We can Help Create your Company Culture Video

A great company culture video can do wonders for your business. It can land you a compatible stakeholder who shares your vision. It can also find great managers who share the same values. Or, it can also motivate customers to make a purchase.

At TwoFresh, we love to create company culture videos for businesses.

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