How a company culture video can help attract the best staff for your business

Videos are a great way to reach out to people. Businesses have been using video marketing for a long time now and have seen wonderful results in the form of increased brand awareness, higher conversion rates and healthy growth in sales. In fact, stats suggest –

· 82% marketers reveal that videos helped increase sales

· 88% marketers admit that videos help increase conversion rate

· 96% marketers are planning to maintain or increase video spending in 2022

Today, video is the most efficient and cost-effective way that brands have at their disposal. However, there is another interesting use of videos that not many businesses consider.

You can also use videos to find the right talent. It is a great tool to find competent and committed staff as well. It makes it easier to find the right people for your business.

We are talking about using videos to find and recruit staff for your business; and, doing so in a creative manner. A tried and tested way is to create a company culture video.

What is a company culture video?

A company culture video simply refers to content that talks about the culture, ethics and principles of a business. It highlights the kind of work the business does and what it aims to achieve; and, the kind of work atmosphere one can expect at the office.

Here’s how a company culture video can help you …

· A company culture video is a great way to reach out to your target audience and convey your mission, vision and belief. It can help you to directly communicate with them.

· Potential staff can already develop an understanding of what to expect when working with your business and analyse whether they would be a good fit or not.

· By sharing your mission with people, you can ensure that you will find staff members who are equally, if not more, passionate about the causes that drive your business.

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Creating a company culture video requires a lot of thought and effort. You need to know the exact message you want to convey and then you also need to choose the right words. If you are unable to come up with something, consider hiring a professional.

TwoFresh is London’s leading video production and marketing agency. We have worked with a wide variety of businesses and have helped create and run many successful video campaigns for our clients. Here is an example of a company culture video we produced for our client Utilize PLC:

If you are looking to create a meaningful company culture video that will strike the right chord with your audience, then get in touch with us. We would love to be a part of the next best thing for your business!