7 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Videos for Your Business

Video marketing is one of the strongest arrows in every marketer’s quiver. Many businesses, both small and big, are using videos to reach their target audience, enhance their brand value and boost sales.

If you are also making videos for your business or running a video marketing campaign, you might find this blog to be an insightful read. We have compiled the top 7 mistakes that people make when making videos for their businesses.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Videos for Your Business

Most business owners make these 7 common mistakes that lead to disappointing returns on their marketing campaign, such as –

1. No proper planning

The first step to ensuring the success of your video campaign is to properly plan the entire process. Research about your industry and target audience; and, even look at videos of competitors. Have you created your target audience personas? This will really help you understand the pain points of the audience you are trying to influence. Speak to your sales team, this will help you understand the language they use when responding to objections. They will also know the best language to use when trying to close deals. Create a mood board of similar content that you feel represents your brand. Most importantly know the aim of the video content, what problem or challenge are you trying to solve?

2. Overselling

Most people are looking to be entertained or even be informed by a video. A lot of audience members will be put off by a video that oversells; if you are just constantly promoting your product in a video then chances are that people will simply skip watching. Try to make a video that educates your customer or at least interests them in exploring further because you are creating value for them.

3. Creating long videos

You must have heard about the decreasing attention span of people in the past few years. Your viewer is looking to gather all the information they need in as little time as possible. So, focus on making short videos to ensure that your viewer stays with you till the end. Long-form video has its place in your marketing strategy; however, short-form content will be the most effective when initially trying to capture attention online.

4. No CTA

You must provide a clear call-to-action to your viewers. They must know what to do after watching the video. You can add a sign-up link or simply guide them to your website as well. Not having a call to action at the end of your video is like not asking for the sale after you have presented your offer to the client.

5. Overdose of information

Often marketers try to package way more information in a video than possible. It only leads to negative returns. Avoid telling long stories and anecdotes; instead, focus on relaying all the information in a crisp and clear manner. The video should lead them onto the next stage of your sales funnel, where you can provide more detailed information on your service or product.

6. No video SEO

Video SEO is essential for the success of your videos. You must put in place a proper SEO strategy to optimise your videos. Try to utilise the title, description and even the comments section to boost your video’s rankings. Use the Google Chrome plugin called VidIQ for best practices on improving your video SEO on YouTube.

7. Poor branding

Chances are that there already exist about a thousand videos on your subject or industry. Hence, branding is very important to ensure that your video stands out and people can identify your brand as well. Spend the time to make sure your brand looks professional and attractive to your desired target audience. Everything matters, from the font you use to the music and voiceover selection. Your brand is something you do not want to cut corners on.

Hire a professional and get the job done!

Everyone cannot be an expert at everything.

If you feel that video production and marketing is not one of your key strengths, do consider hiring a professional to do the job. A professional can bring a lot to the table – like skills, knowledge and experience.

You can end up saving a lot of money and getting stellar returns by hiring a professional. If you are planning a video campaign, get in touch with us at TwoFresh and let’s get started on creating the next best thing for your business.