Website Design & Development

Beautiful, functional and made to reach your customers

Having a great website is imperative to your company’s online profile; a website is your opportunity to make a great first impression and deliver a great experience for a customer or prospect.


At Two Fresh, we believe it is essential that a site has a few key ingredients in order for it to maximise the immersive experience for a visitor, and create value for you as a company.

Great Design

Although this should be a given, many organisations often don’t think about how the end-user will use the site. This is why we do a thorough audience analysis and website strategy before we design any of our Clients sites.

Great Copywriting

Fantastic design and great content should be backed up with excellent copy and text wizardry. We all have various communication and learning styles, and it’s essential to make sure your site is appealing for all. Text has a significant impact on search listings and can be better ranked based on relevancy with your services. 

Great Imagery

Fantastic photography or artwork can help sell your products and services. Audiences are intelligent and can often tell when sites are using stock imagery. This can sometimes have a negative effect on an audience as it comes across as disingenuous. Let us help generate fresh content for you that tells your story.

Great CMS

CMS is an acronym for Content Management System. CMS puts you in control of your website. It allows you to update the website on the fly, keeping the content-rich and consistently growing. Search engines love sites that are continually being updated. Having a great CMS also allows you to make updates to the website without having to worry about breaking parts of the design. Our team can give you as much or as little access as you need to control and update your website.

Some of our websites

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