Why video testimonials produce a fantastic ROI


Why video testimonials produce a fantastic ROI
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It’s often been said that a written or word of mouth recommendation from someone else is one of the most powerful tools we can have in our marketing collateral.

As consumers we often feel more confident knowing that someone else, who is of a similar profile to us has already purchased something that we are considering to buy.

Video testimonials are proven to be even more effective than a written testimonial. As people can see first-hand from someone’s body language, facial reactions and voice on how a purchase of a product or service has impacted their business or life. 

Audiences are smart and they know when someone is being genuine or if they have pre rehearsed what they are going to say.

A good director will ask the right questions to the subject being interviewed, resulting in powerful content that engages your prospects concerns and aspirations. 

We would strongly recommend investing in a video testimonial strategy, as they can play a significant role in moving your prospects forward to sign up to your service or product. 

We have found that our conversion rate has increased to over 40% by using video testimonials in our marketing and sales process. 

They are one of the strongest pieces of moving image any business could have. 

Our team are experts at producing video testimonials, so make sure you get in touch if you would like to start winning from your video marketing.