Why video marketing is so valuable

Video marketing is thriving these days and leading content consumption across the world.

Over 50% users admit that they want to see more videos from their favourite brands. Marketers who use video reportedly grow revenue 49% faster than others.

It’s clear why marketers use video content for marketing, but do you know how to make it work for your brand? If you don’t know how to do it effectively, keep reading as we are about to show you a short guide on creating marketing videos.

Why Do You Need Video Marketing?

Let us start by discussing the benefits of producing great video content. Reports show that 81% of businesses use video content as a marketing tool, but what makes video content so incredibly efficient and popular?

Here are the main reasons:

  • SEO: Search engines show appreciation of good videos and they provide additional exposure to sites and pages that share high quality video content.
  • Visually attractive content: Videos are very dynamic and appealing, so they impress the audience instantly.
  • Socially sharing: Videos have  great potential to become viral  because social media users love sharing them.
  • Drive conversions: Video content has proven to be an excellent conversion driver for many brands.
  • Shows professionalism: Well-made videos prove that you are running a professional and trustworthy enterprise.

5 Tips for Video Marketing

1. Handle the basics

Now that you understand the value of marketing video content, it is time to learn how to create some amazing content. We will help you by showing five video marketing tips.

If you want to impress your audience with videos, you need to handle the basics and create a proper video plan. It’s important that the plan explains these aspects of the process:

  • The top video content format for each of your goals
  • Brand goals that you want to achieve with video marketing
  • What action you want the audience to take upon watching a particular video
  • The correct emotion you want to suggest

2. Be cautious of video duration

What is the perfect video length? That’s a tough question to answer because it greatly depends on several variables.

The universal rule is to keep marketing videos up to two minutes long. However, the answer depends on variables such as content type, communication channels, business goals, and much more, so it’s up to you to make a final decision.

3. Use brand visuals

Every company has a specific branding strategy, so we guess you have one as well. Your videos should be based on familiar brand visuals that reveal your business without even mentioning it directly. Obviously, we are talking about details such as colour schemes, logos, themes, and other similar features.

4. Keep it professional

One way to prove that your brand is highly respectable and authoritative is to produce professional and high-quality videos. The best solution to this is to simply hire a professional video production crew to do all the work for you. The second option is to do it by yourself, though in this case you must pay attention to all sorts of details such as:

  • Camera quality
  • Video scripts
  • Video editing software

5. Add attractive background music

Have you noticed how every marketing video tends to play really upbeat background music? There’s a simple reason for that: marketers want video viewers to feel optimistic about their services or products so they add actionable and appealing background music in their promotional videos. We recommend that you follow the same principle and add compelling beats to your videos.

Promote your marketing videos

This one is a definite, but we should warn you that it’s not only enough to create a beautiful piece of content. You have to also promote it to raise awareness and reach as many consumers as possible. Thankfully, there are many channels you can use to promote your videos:

  • Social networks
  • Your website
  • Digital ads
  • Email newsletters

Your move!

Video marketing clearly dominates the online world and you should unquestionably add it to the portfolio. Now it’s your turn to make the next move and create some stunning videos to promote your business!