Why is video so popular?

In this video I am going to go through some key reasons, why video is such a popular tool for marketeers.  

Firstly, using video in your marketing strategy directly increases sales. Most consumers watch videos of a product or service before purchasing because it builds trust, it gives them comfort knowing what they are getting and if it is right for them. A study showed that nearly 80% of consumers who watched a video about a product bought it there and then. Video is a necessity when it comes to increasing your exposure and conversion rates.  

In addition to that, video is the most engaging type of content there is. It stimulates multiple senses through combined visuals and audio, sometimes videos include motion graphics or typography which makes digesting the information that much easier. Music plays a huge part in influencing a viewer’s emotions and it is a well-known fact that consumers are far more likely to shop with a business they have some sort of emotional connection with. Whether a video makes the consumer laugh, entertained or educated, the key is to add value to their life.  

Let’s not forget how easy it is to watch a video as opposed to reading reems of text on a mobile phone. Research shows that most people consume information through their mobile phones. It can be incredibly difficult to read paragraphs of writing on a smartphone. The font can be extremely small, you may have to zoom in, the website may also not be optimised for mobile. All of these things can lead to losing a potential client because they aren’t getting the information fast enough with ease. Video doesn’t have that problem and our phones are designed for video consumption. So why not do what works? 

Also, having videos on your website means that you will be ranked higher on Google because it considers video to be high quality content and YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. These are just some of the many reasons why video is so popular and how your business can benefit from it. If you would like to get in on the action, don’t hesitate to get in touch.