Why is video good for business?

Have you been wondering if putting your resources into video marketing for your business is the right move? Are you unsure about how your target audience will react to video? Will this be a worthy investment and have the desired reaction? The demand for video content is on the rise, it's not in the future it's now. The digital age represents a time where our target audience has the ability to consume content at a faster and more accessible rate.

Did you know it's estimated the average person consumes around 100 minutes of video per day, that’s 7 hours a week watching video? As well, the average person will spend half as much time watching online videos as they spend watching conventional television. Over 1 billion hours are watched on YouTube every day. This ever-increasing demand has seen YouTube become the fuel for marketing and advertisers to make this become the fastest growing digital channel. While this shows that video has become an integral part of any marketing strategy it also means there is a lot more competition to go up against. Understanding consumer expectations and creating exciting video content will help keep your content ahead in the video marketing world.

Businesses want to increase sales, create brand awareness, and keep existing customers informed as well as reaching out and educating new potential customers. Video provides a platform to help explain everything in a way that is engaging and easy to follow. It is an integral part of the decision-making process when consumers are considering your product or service. With 85% of people saying video helps them connect with brands it goes without saying that as we move into an ever-increasing digital world, we will see the demand for video to continue to grow with no signs of slowing down.

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