Why is mobile video marketing such a powerful tool for changing behaviours?

By now almost everybody knows that video is one of the most consumed forms of content these days. However, what many marketers still discount is the fact that more than half of the viewers use a mobile device.  

Almost 57% of the videos are played using a mobile device; and, what is even more interesting is the fact that Hootsuite recently revealed that a little over half the population of the world consists of mobile users.  

So, in a nutshell, mobile video marketing is a powerful tool that you can utilise to reach out to your target audience and attempt to convert them quickly and effectively. You can also leverage this tool to change behaviours in consumers and target audiences.  

Here are 5 Reasons Why Mobile Video Marketing Has the Power to Change Behaviours  

In advertising, they say, that if you show something 7 times to a viewer, you are sure to leave an impact; and, if you show something repeatedly for 21 days, you can expect to change behaviours and build habits.  

Well, the basic takeaway is that if you can ensure that a viewer is constantly shown your video or something related to your brand now and then, you can considerably increase your chances of converting and retaining the viewer.  

And, in this, mobile video marketing plays a major role because – 

  1. People, especially the millennials, are watching videos on mobile more than ever. If you want to catch their attention, then you need to be on their mobile screens.  
  1. People intentionally choose to use mobile devices to watch videos whereas PCs, these days, are being used more for work and study-related usage. Hence, creating content designed for mobile is likely to get more attention.  
  1. Platforms like Tik Tok, and Instagram have exploded the growth of vertical videos, our smartphones are being designed for shooting and uploading this type of content.  
  1. Some reports suggest that the engagement rate of videos watched on mobile devices is significantly higher than those watched on other devices.  
  1. Mobile marketing allows you to target customers more directly. The amount of data you can gather on viewers and their behaviour is enormous and significant.  

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