Why Does Your Business Need a Video Marketing Strategy In 2021?

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In 2021 the highest amount of traffic online is from videos. There is a need to leverage the high numbers of consumers who rely on visual content as a business. To meet the demand of consumers who depend on videos, your business needs a video marketing strategy that will attract, engage and delight its potential customers.

6 in 10 people would rather watch a video online than read text-based content. With such a trend, a video marketing strategy is crucial to the marketing campaign of your business.

The need for a video marketing strategy in 2021

Below are some of the reasons why a well thought video marketing strategy is crucial to your business.

·      Ranking and organic traffic

·      They command attention and increase engagement

·      To give visual explanations

·      To highlight the company’s achievement

·      Better product or service showcasing

·      To increase retention, conversions, and sales

To Personalize Your Brand

Adding a personal touch to your brand enables your potential clients to identify with it. There is no better way of doing this than creating an explainer video of your brand. Visuals say a million words that you can’t easily tweak to text.

They also evoke emotion in your audience because they address the buyer persona’s pain points.

They command attention and increase engagement

Videos draw attention in ways text cannot. In addition to the attraction, they keep your audience more engaged. Unlike blog posts, most online users are more compelled to like, comment, and share a video. With all the buzz in likes and shares and interesting comments, more of your audience will want to engage with your business.

The shares and likes also help in marketing your business effortlessly and at no extra cost.

To give visual explanations

Blog posts don’t offer your audience a visual explanation of your product or service. It’s also exhausting to read huge amounts of text. Besides the two disadvantages, only a little percentage of people will care to read a text which doesn’t offer visual explanations.

Human brains are, in most cases visual, because they retain over 80% of the total amount of information transferred through visuals. This is an advantage you will want to leverage as a business in 2021.

To highlight the company’s achievement

Every company will want to highlight its achievements and nothing does this well than visuals. Highlighting achievements lets your customers know your capabilities and what you have to offer them. Videos of your company receiving awards can do this perfectly, and your customers will want to have the same success in dealing with their problems.

Better product or service showcasing

Your business needs to showcase how new products or services work. To better showcase, your products, images, product descriptions, and user guides may not be effective. With videos, however, the process of showcasing your products is simple, and it changes how your customers interact with it.

To increase retention, conversions, and sales

Visitors to your website are likely to stay longer watching a video than reading the content therein. Having visitors stay longer on your website increases their chances to make purchases and hence increasing the number of conversions which directly increases the sales in your business.

If you are planning to use video marketing for a while but don’t know how to create videos or understand how they actually work, contact Two Fresh today.

We will help you with everything you need to kickstart your video marketing campaign.