Which comes first - Explainer Video Voiceover or Creating an Animation?

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Animated videos provide an audience with a better understanding of your product or service and increases engagement from site visitors. An effective animated explainer video will be thorough in its approach to the script, concept, storyboard, graphics, voiceover and animation style. But what step comes first? The production of the animation or the recording of the voiceover?

In our opinion, the recording of the voiceover should be completed prior to the production of the animation. This allows the designers and animators to time animation transitions to work with the voiceovers speed. This also saves time for the content creators, due to not needing to go back and forth if the timing doesn’t flow together with the voiceover and animation.

Video Voiceover and Animation Explained


Incorporating a video voiceover to your content humanizes and adds credibility to your brand. It’s important to take into consideration the aims of the video to understand what kind of voiceover is needed in terms of tonality. Think about whether a female or male voiceover might connect more with your target audience. What age does the voiceover artist need to be? Have you seen any commercials that have a similar execution that succeed in engaging your audience? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself before you record your voiceover. This will ensure that your audience will engage with it, and that all elements are somewhat in-keeping with your brand.


This is where content creators express their pure creative freedom through the art of design and storytelling. Animation involves colours, text, motion, graphics and perfectly timed transitions. Patience is needed during this process as it requires close attention to detail. Animation gives life to your voiceover and creates engaging animated explainer content like these videos.

What Happens if the Animation comes before the Voiceover?

The animation will depend and reflect on the tone of the video voiceover. You do not want to be spending long hours formulating animations and redoing sequences afterwards because it does not sync with your voiceover. Also, you can miss out on a lot of creative potential and end up with an ad-lib approach if you create the animation prior to the voiceover.

Creators can edit out the adlibs during the video voiceover if they do not coincide with the concept of the content. However, you will end up spending longer hours editing the pre-made animation to sync perfectly with the adlibs and the overall tone of your voiceover.

Effective and Efficient Explainer Video Animation

Creators vary in the way they produce engaging video content. With demand in creating content, and with the pressure of something new coming out on the web every single second, you should take into consideration the most effective method of production. Whether you are doing video animations of your own or for your clients, investing countless hours into redoing tasks halfway through the process because it doesn’t all work together is excruciating and can be costly.

Also, this practice sends out an impression of inefficiency to your clients and your customers. The result of your video animation will depend on the tone of the voiceover. The delivery of the video voiceover should synchronize with the high-quality animation, resulting in a compelling, well-designed and visually stunning video that entices online consumers. So remember, always record your voiceover before you start animating.

You can contact TwoFresh for professional input and guidance on your marketing strategy. We put your ideas into context and have experience in developing and producing compelling video animations. erience in developing and producing compelling video animations.

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