What Type of Video is Right For my Business?

So you are in business and you are looking to start producing some video content in order to get yourself noticed. There are so many different video options out there and being familiar with each option can help you when choosing a style of film. 

First things first, ask the question to yourself, your managers or the commissioners. What do we want to achieve with this video? What do we need it to do? Start by reverse engineering this process and highlight what impact this film will make for the business or project. 

Once you know this you can start making some informed decisions about the type of video, that will need to get produced. 

So here is a list of a few different options of types of video, how they help and where commonly distributed. 

Promotional/Homepage Video - Often a way to give people an introduction to a business and encapsulate the culture of a company in a short and snappy film. 

Platform: Website homepage, landing page, sales presentations, social, anywhere you want to make a good 1st impression. 

Corporate Video - A professional film that features information about the company or service to different stakeholders. Or potential clients. Can range from being 1 - 5 minutes in lengths. The audience on this often already has some sort of affiliation with the company. 

Platform: Sales presentations, website pages, investor decks, USB’s, DVD, Newsletters

Testimonial Film - Often showing a client speaking about the great service they may have had with you. Used to increase conversion and enhancing company credibility through peer recommendation. 

Platform: Website, Testimonial landing page, Presentations, Social, Offline Ipads, USB’s and sales portfolios. 

Documentary Video - Films that document a story, shedding light to a particular situation or historical event. Can be made a number of different ways and is often used to sway hearts and minds, inform or entertain. 

Platform: TV, cinema, social, streaming services, VOD, Business presentations, special viewing screenings.

Conversion/Infomercial video - Used to make a sale immediately, selling the value and driving sales through key features. 

Platform: TV, web, social, landing pages, PPC, Youtube True View, Facebook video stories

Adverts/Commercial - An ad that engages an audience on an emotional level in order to build credibility and relationships with brands. Often story led with the use of actors and fictitious scenarios. 

Platform: Television, web, social, Outdoor display ads

Product video - Highlight a product, show key features, and specs. Often used to convert sales on E-commerce sites and produce enquiries. 

Platform: Web, TV, Social, Instore

As you can see there is quite a variety of types of video content - there are even more that have not been listed here. So remember work backwards. Think about the end destination and what you are trying to achieve, and then from here start to investigate what would be the right video strategy for you. If you need a little help fleshing your strategy out, then get in touch. We are always happy to help.