What makes voiceover so important in animated videos?

Animated videos (including explainer videos) are being used extensively by brands as part of their marketing campaigns. It is a great way for businesses to showcase their products and services in a creative, engaging way; and, it also helps to create a higher recall value amongst their target audience. 

While a lot of thought and effort goes into creating the script and the video, what often gets overlooked is the audio component. Most businesses end-up using a random music track with their animated videos; and, some also use videos without any kind of audio. 

However, this is a big mistake and can derail your marketing campaign. 

How important is a voiceover to an animated video?

While a voiceover is simply a pre-recorded narration, it does play an incredible role in the success of your video marketing campaign. It helps in improving the quality of the video and also greatly affects the way in which the audience will react to the video.

Benefits of Using Voiceover in Animated Videos 

Here are some great benefits that you get when you use voiceovers in animated videos – 

1.     Increases your credibility 

Adding a voiceover is an effective way of attracting people’s attention. They tune in and carefully listen to what you are trying to say rather than simply glance at a video. While visuals are important, a voiceover is equally (if nor more) important since it helps to create a certain credibility about your brand in the viewer’s mind. 

2.     Effectively supports the video 

Often, it is not possible to illustrate every idea or story that you want to communicate to the viewers. This is where voiceover becomes important since it can easily fill in the gaps that you were not able to fill in with the visual content. 

3.     Helps viewers connect with your brand 

An animated video is a great tool to attract viewers, however, it also creates a certain disconnect between the viewer and the brand because there is no human face that they can see or interact with. Voiceover helps to humanise the brand and connect with viewers. 

4.     Emphasises your CTA 

Viewers zone-out while watching videos one after the other; in such a scenario, your CTA might not be able to create the desired impact. You can use a voiceover to further emphasise your CTA and make sure that it is correctly communicated to the viewers. 

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