What Is Video Marketing, How Can Your Company Benefit From It

Most strong marketing campaigns include video marketing in their strategy. But what is video marketing? The definition for this is quite simple. It is the use of videos in marketing or promoting your services, products or brand.

Now that you understand the simple definition of what is video marketing? Let's look at how your company can benefit from the same. Before we focus on the specifics, the numbers and percentages of how videos work are impressive. In most scenarios, the percentages are above 80 and some close to a hundred.

Below is an indeph outline of the benefits your company will reap from video marketing.

Benefits of video marketing to a company

·      A great ROI (return on investment)

·      Easy to explain complex ideas

·      They boost conversions

·      Videos are an easy way of building trust

·      It Engages people who want quick information

·      Ranking and organic traffic

A great ROI

Over 89% of companies that use video marketing experience good returns on their investment. Production of marketing videos is not easy, nor is it cheap, but this is changing with time. The simplest of videos created with smartphones have paid off handsomely.

The clarity of content is what matters most to consumers, despite that we cannot rule out the contribution of video quality. When you compare the ROI from other marketing strategies, video marketing still beats the odds.

Easy to explain complex ideas

The ease at which videos explain complex ideas is unmatched. It's, however, very difficult to use text in doing the same. Most buyers don't like reading, and this gets worse when they have to follow complex steps on how to use specific products or services.

Explainer animated videos are very effective in such scenarios.

They boost conversions

Most companies with explainer videos on their landing pages have high conversion rates. They experience an increased conversion rate of over 80%. The high conversion rate translates to a high sales rate.

At least 74% of buyers have bought products after watching explainer videos. This is because visuals have a significant influence on the brains of buyers.

Videos are an easy way of building trust

Most buyers are likely to believe or rather trust what they see compared to what they read or hear. Trust is the cornerstone of any marketing campaign, and videos give you precisely that.  For this reason, YouTube is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies you can use in promoting your brand.

It Engages people who want quick information

Watching videos require little to no effort, unlike reading text. Besides laziness, most consumers prefer the actionable part of a product or service. The video approach with audios inclusive reaches a broader audience. This will most likely increase your customer base and boost your sales.

Ranking and organic traffic

Google algorithms love videos, and it will rank higher content with videos than content without. The higher your content ranks on Google pages, the higher the organic traffic it generates. This directly translates to an increase in conversions and sales as well.

If you don't have a video marketing strategy in place and not sure where to start from, please contact Two Fresh today.

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