What is a Health and Safety Video?

In this video, I'll outline what a health and safety induction video is, and why you need one. They can be effective not only in practice, but also in regards to time and money and are a key way in delivering a strong and important message to employees.

A health and safety induction video outlines the safe working practices and procedures on site. It can be for both workplaces and sites, and it should welcome new employees and contractors and prepare them for their role, so that they can work safely. It's a way of introducing people to the company, and to the safety around the working culture. No one likes wasting time, and creating a video of Health and Safety can grasp key points in a smaller amount of time than verbal conversation because of the ability of creating visuals as well as audio. For those who might be unsure about not delivering these important messages in person, it can be a way of beginning a Q&A with the new employee / contractors. This way you can get the best of both worlds through focused information, leading to communicative element of verbal conversation.

A health and safety induction video should also highlight any risks and dangers on site, and how to mitigate them. Making clear instructions is vital to ensure that employees understand their requirements, information can be presented in ways that are easily digestible by creating strong visuals. It’s also a way of making heavy topics slightly more light-hearted along with making information resonate for longer.

Stylistically the video could be a live action or animation. With great script writing and a clever concept there is no reason a health and safety video can't be educational and entertaining at the same time. It can also engage wider audiences by drawing attention to key points and holding focus for the entire duration of the video. Creating these kinds of videos can be an opportunity to give a bit of a creative flair to something that can sometimes be slightly mundane. Don’t panic, if this is a task best suited to someone directly in the creative field, there is window to collaborate with a professional to ensure a successful outcome.

Health and safety videos can save an organisation many hours of in person training and are perfect for organisations that may incorporate e-learning as part of their onboarding systems. These considerations are vital in light of Covid, where adapting learning into online resources has been the direction for most, don’t let things hold you and your business up and get Health and Safety training accessible no matter the situation.

Health and Safety is a vital part to every business, ensuring that employers understand the full extent of protocols can save lives. Making this into an explainer video will ensure that every employee is receiving the same quality of message.

If you'd like to find out more information about health and safety video content for your business, including induction, site safety rules, and induction training, then get in touch with TwoFresh today.