What are the tips for creating promo selfie videos with a smartphone?

Can you create smart videos using a smartphone? The short answer is yes. 

Many businesses, especially, small and medium enterprises have started creating promotional videos using smartphones. It is mostly because smartphones nowadays are equipped with high-quality cameras. They also feature good quality editing tools that allow you to create professionally edited videos. 

Businesses are also indulging in short, selfie videos. It is also a popular type of video format amongst influencers and internet celebrities. However, to get the best out of videos created with smartphones (especially, selfie videos), you need to know some tips and tricks. 

Top 5 Tips to Create Smart Selfie Promo Videos 

If you are looking to create promo selfie videos with a smartphone, do look at these tips – 

  1. Check whether your camera is ‘right’ 

There are some limitations when shooting with a smartphone. Also, cameras vary in quality and features as well. Hence, you need to make sure that you get the best output possible. Make sure that whatever smartphone you use has a camera that can at least record a full HD video. A selfie video is best viewed at a full HD resolution of 1920 X 1080. 

  • Check for appropriate lighting  

Make sure that there is enough natural light on you while shooting the video so that your face is bright and clear. If it is not sufficient, consider using an artificial LED light. You can get a lot of artificial LED lights such as ring lights that are meant for selfie videos. 

  • Don’t shy away from using a selfie stick 

Yes, selfie sticks are annoying. We get that. However, they are also a wonderful tool that you should use if you wish to create a compelling selfie video for your business. It helps you use unique visual angles. It adds height and depth to your video. 

  • Make sure the angle is ‘right’ 

It gets difficult to create a properly balanced video with a smartphone, especially, when using the selfie mode. However, with a few simple steps, you can get the ‘right’ angle to shoot a selfie video such as making sure that you are facing the light and keeping the device above your eye level. It will instantly make your videos look a lot better. 

  • Use filters, text, and stickers 

While you don’t want to create cringe promo videos with your smartphone, you can make smart use of filters to make your video more appealing to viewers. Also, you can carefully use text and stickers to add a little fun and creativity to your videos. 

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