What are some good tips to make videos shorter?

make videos shorter

Whether you are making videos for your website or social media handles or as part of a marketing campaign; short videos are the best way to attract attention to your brand. A short video is usually not longer than two to three minutes.  

However, it is not easy to create a short video.  

Creating a long video can actually be easier than making a short video because condensing your key messages into a short amount of time can be difficult for a lot of marketers.  

Top Tips to Make a Short Video 

If you are struggling with creating short videos, here are some tips that can help make it easier for you –  

  • Focus on the script  

The script is the key to creating a strong, on-point short video. Try to add all the relevant information in crisp and clear sentences. Avoid adding unnecessary, filler sentences that provide no real value to your audience. Use the AIDA principle as a possible structure for your messaging.  

  • Avoid overcrowding your video 

When you are trying to create a short video, it is best to avoid adding too many elements. Don’t overcrowd the video. Keep it as simple as possible.  

  • Edit, edit, and edit  

Editing is key to the success of your short video. Edit your video ruthlessly. Keep the shots that are needed instead of crowding your video with shots that you find pleasing. Don’t get emotionally attached to your content, edit as much as possible.  

  • Connect with a blog or page  

It is often not possible to provide your viewers with all the required information in a short video. In such a case, you can post a detailed blog or an article and refer to it in your video. This will help direct them to a resource where they can get detailed information.  

  • Don’t forget to add a CTA 

Always add a call-to-action in all your videos. In short videos, you can add it as a pop-up or as text as well. However, don’t forget to add a CTA since it will help generate a high ROI.  

Bonus Tip – Choose your platform carefully  

To achieve a higher ROI on your short videos, it is important to choose the right platform. Several platforms offer great ways to use a short video to reach out to a wide audience base and achiever better conversion rates, such as –  

  • YouTube Shorts  
  • TikTok  
  • Instagram Reels  

You can use these platforms to share super-short videos, like 15 – 20 seconds, and connect with your audience. It is especially an ideal solution when you need to connect with a younger audience that prefers short, innovative and fun content over long-form videos.  

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