Two Fresh HQ welcomes the Elizabeth Line to Liverpool Street

The long-awaited Elizabeth Line opened its barriers on Tuesday 24th May with thousands of commuters seamlessly making their fast and easy journeys through London.  

From Reading to Paddington and Liverpool Street to Shenfield in a matter of minutes, the train line has not only cut commuting time but also cut commuter costs by up to £10. When the line is set to fully complete (Est May 2023) it will run straight through Reading – Shenfield. Service starts with 12 trains an hour (a train every 5 minutes) running between Paddington and Abbey Wood from 06:30-23:00, Monday to Saturday 

So, what is the Elizabeth line, and did we really need it? In short yes – the line brings a whopping 1.2 million people closer to the City of London with a 45-minute commute. This is set to contribute to economic benefits as well as a widened community.  

Enough with the info, we want you to know why it is so special.  

  • 200 metres long, with nine walk-through carriages 
  • Three double doors on each carriage  
  • Extra room/breathing space  
  • Air conditioning and energy-saving intelligent lighting and temperature controls 
  • Wi-Fi (woo!) 
  • Dedicated space for wheelchair users, buggies, and luggage (at own risk) 

So safe to say the anticipation was worth the wait.  

Why not hop on the new line and come and meet us for a tea, coffee or beer at our office which is located a 4-minute walk away from Liverpool Street station (8 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4PL).