Top 7 Background Music Ideas for Corporate Video Production

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Video production can be one of the most powerful tools for corporations to use whilst promoting their brand. Great video content can have a huge impact on the number of online enquiries your website generates. However, corporate video production needs to consider many factors in order to work effectively. One of the most important factors is the background music of the videos. Even if the content is lacking slightly in some other areas, the music alone can help keep the viewer engaged with the video. Music can invoke emotions in a way that very few things can. But choosing the right background music for a corporate video can be a challenging task. In this blog article we help you make that task a little bit easier.

Here are the Top 7 background music ideas for corporate video production:

1. Decide the Role of Music in your Video

Background music has different purposes. Find out what purpose you want your background music to serve. Some music provides an uplift, some will give the viewers a boost in energy, and some will simply match the actions of what’s happening in the video. Here are some examples for you to understand the role of music within your video:

●        Explainer or a Demo Video: These use music that helps to maintain attention.

●        Announcement, Advertisement, or Promotional Video: These use something that’s a bit more dramatic and uplifts the mood of your audience.

2. Define the Emotion you are Trying to Invoke

Think to yourself what kind of emotions you want your audience to feel when watching your video. Do you want to invoke a sense of relief? Do you want to uplift their mood? Do you want to invoke inspiration to problem solve? Do you want your audience to think about something in particular? Depending on your answer, you will get closer to choosing a genre of music for that emotion. Do some research into the relations between mood and music. You will eventually find what you’re looking for after listening to different genres of music.

3. Set your Budget for Music

Corporate video productions will generally go with medium to high budget options for background music, but you can choose what fits you according to your budget. Sometimes you will find the perfect track without spending any money. Here are some music options according to budget:

1.      Small Budget: Creative commons license music that’s free for commercial use. You will be surprised with how many options are available for you. So, before you decide to spend money on music.

2.      Medium Budget: You can pay £10-100 on a music library for royalty-free music. Many music libraries contain different options for corporate video production.

3.      High Budget: If you plan to go all out and get the perfect track for your video, you can pay £300-1000 and hire a music producer who will make custom music for you. It’s a great option to keep using the track and associate it with your brand picture.

4. Experiment with Speed

Sometimes you will find the right track for your video but feel that the tempo is not quite right for the video’s pace. The music may be fast-paced or slow-paced, your video may be the opposite. This can create an imbalance of emotions. In this case, you can use some free or professional tools to edit the speed of the track you are using. Minor tweaks here and there can make the track just perfect for the purpose.

5. Take Opinions from People Outside of the Team

Insert the music into your video and show it to someone you know or someone from the general public. Ask them for some feedback in how it’s made them feel. These opinions will help you understand what’s missing or what needs to change. Sometimes you will need to find a better track that fits your video, better to find this out during the process rather than after finalizing the video. Keep testing until you get what you are looking for.

6. Take Some Inspiration from your Competitors

If your competitor is getting more success with their videos than you, check them out to see what could be causing this. Find out what kind of track they are using and how it’s working with their videos. This will help you realize what you need to do with your videos. Note that this shouldn’t be a copy of the music, but may help direct you to fit the needs of your target market. This way, you can do an even better video than your competitors, as you will take note of areas where theirs can be improved.

7. Know the Music that Speaks to your Target Audience

Some companies don’t value demographic data, and they don’t do well in corporate video production. There are many surveys and research on music taste among people of different ages, locations, gender, culture, etc. Read those surveys and find out the music preferences of your target audience. Combine this information with the role of the music in your video to help you find the perfect track.


The right music in corporate video production can make the difference between a viewer watching the whole video or leaving before the first 10 seconds. The ideas we have put forward in this article will help you choose the right music for your brand.

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