Tips & Advice For Corporate Marketing Executives

Tips & Advice For Corporate Marketing Executives

So you've landed in your new role as a marketing executive and have started to wake up to the realisation that there is a lot of pressure on you to come up with the goods in promoting the business to it's target clients.

It's ok! Relax make a coffee and get ready for an exciting journey to brand marketing success!

Here's our tips and advice on how to be a marketing superstar:

(some of these might sound basic, but you will be surprised how many marketing managers we've come across in important roles that miss them)

  1. Get a deep understanding of the business and service that you are in before you jump full steam ahead in to marketing activities
  2. Change isn't always better - assess the situation, if things from a previous marketing manager are working keep them going. Making a change for the sake of making a change can be detrimental to some businesses
  3. Don't keep all of your eggs in one basket - treat marketing like assets, have a diverse portfolio of marketing activities going so you have a constant flow of leads and prospects
  4. Always get more than one quote
  5. Don't always go with whoever is the cheapest, make a call based on value, quality and service - usually all of these can be tested with how a creative agency looks after you within the quoting stage
  6. Take a risk - No risk no reward sometimes hiring smaller boutique agencies ensures a more personal service where they will often work harder for you to create great content and produce better results (we know a company just like this if you want their details ;-)
  7. Hire experts - There are a lot of people who have studied their craft for years and years, be humble acknowledge that you are an excellent marketeer but that you don't know everything. Be a strategist and bring the right people together
  8. Work with people you are going to get along with - You might be working with them for a long time
  9. Don't be scared of change - embrace it, pioneer it
  10. Short term thinking will only bread short term results - be in it for the long game

So there you have it a few tips and advice for marketing managers, executive and anyone else who is interested in promoting their business. For anymore support please feel free to get in touch with us via email, social or a coffee! We are here for you, for all of your creative marketing needs!