Tips and Advice For Being Interviewed On Camera

So you have been informed that it’s your turn to talk about the company on camera. The anxiety starts to settle in and you ask yourself “can I do this, am I going to make a complete fool out of myself”. Your mind races…..

If this has been some of the thoughts you may have had in your head, then don’t worry it’s completely normal. Being in front of camera is no walk in the park. It can bring the most confident seasoned individuals to their knees in sheer panic.

Here are some tips and advice on helping you get through it and more importantly shining in front of camera.

·        Be yourself – Don’t try and talk about things that are unnatural or out of your area of expertise

·        Don’t script your answers, audiences know when something has been scripted and recited from memory. Your body language gives it a way.

·        Don’t worry about always giving long elaborate and detailed answers. Sometime there is more value on to the point statements.

·        If you naturally express yourself with your hands, it’s a good idea to incorporate this with your answers. This can help you add more energy to what you are saying and give you an outlay of comfort rather then just having your hands behind your back.

·        If appropriate start your answers with a smile on your face – this will add a positive feel and tone to your answer that will carry through to an audience.

·        Don’t look at the camera (unless directed otherwise) – just look at the interviewee. Looking at the camera can be as intimidating as staring down the barrel of a shotgun. Instead imagine you are having a regular conversation with someone. This should help ease the nerves.

·        Conversate with your interviewer before the camera’s start rolling….build your confidence with the other individual and break down the walls.

And most importantly know that you will be fine. Most interviewers will naturally get you comfortable before the camera’s ever start filming. In a lot of cases mistakes can be re filmed, or edited to make you look great and sound great.

If you want any more tips on this then please feel free to get in touch.