Short vs. long video marketing: which is more profitable?


Short vs. long video marketing which is more profitable.png


There are several factors responsible for the explosion in increase for video marketing. The fact of the matter is; it is here, and it is here to stay. Businesses across the world have realised this and are using videos to promote their products. There is an ongoing debate regarding the effectiveness of short vs. long video’s in marketing. Which one is more suitable for a business? Which one should you ultimately go for? We will try to answer these questions here.

What is a short video?

A short video is a video that is less than 10 minutes long. Short video’s have seen a phenomenal rise in popularity. Social media platforms are primarily responsible for this. Instagram stories, reel videos and video content posts have contributed to their increase. TikTok has taken the trend of short videos to new highs, where the video clips are less than 1-minute long. Some people assume that the decreased attention span in young people is the reason for short video’s success. Research conducted by Princeton University in 2018 disproves this impression. It concluded that humans change their attention span every 250 milliseconds anyway. Their perception is constantly changing from what is before their eyes and what is in their minds.

What are short videos good for?

Short videos can be suitable for any of the following purposes;

·       It can work as an intro for a long video.

·       It can be a teaser for an upcoming product or marketing campaign.

·       It is excellent in promoting brand engagement.

·       For social media platforms, short videos are ideal.

·       They are mobile-friendly, and most people are using the internet via mobiles.

·       92% of the social media users share short videos, so it can increase your reach.

What are long videos good for?

Long videos unpack more information for the viewer. They are, therefore, more valuable and insightful than shorter videos. They are explainer videos and provide a detailed account of the topic in the video. They establish a brand's identity and tend to make a long-standing bond and impression with the audience.

Short vs. long video marketing, which one is more profitable for the business?

The answer to this question is difficult to answer. There is no clear winner in short vs. long video marketing, it’s down to the context of your brand and what you are hoping to gain from the video. The fact is they exist side-by-side and will continue to do so. One cannot replace the other as both are used to suit such a range of aims. A short video is the forerunner to a long video. Without one, the other will be incomplete.

There will be situations when one video form would be more suitable than the other. But we cannot generalise these particular scenarios to make a definitive conclusion. These video forms serve their own set of pros, cons and limitations, their functions perform within their retrospective domain.


We can safely say that short vs. long video’s in marketing hold equal practicality and both are essential. The proper usage and implementation is the more important factor in deciding between the two. A marketer should be well aware of which situation or platform is suitable for short or long video marketing. For making either long or short videos, and to get some guidance in the process and decision-making, you can contact TwoFresh, a professional video production and digital marketing agency.