Promotional Video Production Mistakes for Brands


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More than 60% of businesses are already using videos in their marketing campaign; however, not all are doing it right. Most video production mistakes are common and are easily avoidable.

It's important to note that if video marketing isn't done correctly, it will not only fail to achieve its objectives but it will harm your brand. Below are some common mistakes that most brands make.

·      Failing to focus on the target audience

·      Videos without specific objectives

·      One-time approach

·      Videos with more than one objective

·      Lack of creativity

·      The wrong production process

Failing to focus on the target audience

This is among the most common video production mistakes most brands make. In many instances, they tend to focus on themselves rather than their target audience. You could be wondering how this happens, but it includes using a heavy sales tone, videos of the top brand management, and dwelling more on the product's features.

With such an approach, they forget to include crucial concerns of their audience. They leave out parts which explain what is in it for their customers, how the products will make their lives better or solve their problems.

Videos without specific objectives

Videos without specific objectives are a lost cause. Without clear objectives, videos portray vague messages which are neither helpful to the viewers nor the brand itself. Without a clear-cut direction, the brand isn't able to evaluate the performance of their videos either.

One time approach

Video marketing isn't a one-time approach. Unfortunately, many brands nowadays count video marketing as a one-time process. Most of them will create one video and focus on other marketing strategies. A single video may not be effective in marketing a brand.

You should approach video marketing as a long-term strategy rather than a one-time thing for your brand to realize its objectives successfully.

Videos with more than one objective

The length of an effective marketing video is significantly short. This also varies from one platform to another. In most cases, it's 2 minutes or less.  Creating videos with more than one objective increases their length while compromising on the effectiveness of the message.

Long videos tend to become complex, confusing the target audience. Besides derailing their concentration, people would not take much of their time to watch long advertisement videos.

Lack of creativity

Lack of or poor creativity results in boring content that most users won't find worth their time. Despite knowing your objective and putting your audience first, poor creativity will ruin everything.  Ensure to involve experts rather than doing it personally to avoid such video production mistakes.  

The wrong production process

The wrong production process includes poor planning in your video production.  You will have to determine if your team is capable of doing video production. Most brands underestimate the work required to produce marketing videos.

Most companies only opt to outsource when they get stuck. In such cases, a lot of time, effort, and money are wasted because the external video agency will have to restart all over at your cost.

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