Project management for creative projects

Before we start this blog post we would like to make it clear that this is not sponsored nor been requested as part of any affiliate program. We have put this together based on our own opinions and 1st hand experiences on software and cloud based software packages out there that can help you run your creative project. 

We have used various applications to manage small projects and large projects. Each application has it's pro and it's cons. Also some of these softwares listed below excel in certain areas of production management and have shortfalls in others. 


Pros:  A well balanced CRM and project management platform that is very affordable and as detailed as you need to make it. It's got nice automation features where you can document the sales or production process pipeline. The CRM is also nicely designed and appeals to creatives. 

Cons: For it to work at its best it relies on all stakeholders participating and data entrying consistently. Training and time would be required.


Pros: A great cloud software application to manage the commercial and logistical areas of a digital or video project. We like that it can keep company branding consistent across all of our materials no matter who is working on it. It also has e-signing capabilities and it's a great way to put all agreements in writing, no matter how many people are involved. 

Cons: If lots of people are using it all at once then it can get messy and it's not as modular as a CRM. However bare in mind it's not a CRM or specifically a project management tool. We design it round our business and we love it for the purposes we use it for. (formerly Dapulse)

Pros: if you are like us and you like to be armed with lots of information at a glance but hate doing too much data entry then could be great for you as a project management tool. It allows you to create different visuals boards and tasks and assign them to projects. You can add users to different activities and make notes at different stages of the process. 

Again this is one of those softwares that you can design around your project or business. It also has a new great feature that allows you to specify and look at project milestones over a period of time which is extremely useful. 

Let us know if you have any other good project managements software recommendations, we would love to hear from you.