Product Video Creation for Ecommerce Sites: Top Mistakes & Opportunities

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Ecommerce is one of the leading business opportunities in present times. While ecommerce opens a whole new world of opportunities for a business enthusiast, failing to make the proper use of it can lead to a costly experience . One of the most common mistakes in the case of ecommerce sites is the failure in creating effective product videos that sell.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the top mistakes that ecommerce sites make regarding product video creation. We will also explore some opportunities that ecommerce product videos offer in today’s times.

1. Poor Quality Video, Blurry and Unclear Products

With many people attempting their own video production, many brands fail to produce high-resolution videos. They have taken the time to put effort in the production of video for their ecommerce sites, which is great. Nevertheless, they forget about one thing, which is to ensure proper presentation of their product in the very best light. If your shot is not in focus, or the upload looks a little low resolution, this can have a negative impact on the potential buyer.

Let’s imagine that a potential customer is going through your product video but cannot even determine the color or texture of your product due to the low quality. Surely, they will feel frustrated about your product, resulting in them turning away to other brands. Although this mistake has markedly lowered in recent times, you should be careful that you don’t make the same mistake.

2. No Explanation of the Features

An important reason behind product video creation for ecommerce sites is to make people feel an urge towards buying the product. However, no matter how colorful or how attractive your product is, if people don’t find its features in the video, they won’t feel the urge to buy it. Yes, some people will buy it nevertheless due to its attractiveness. But if you are looking for a boost in your sales, you must include the features of the product in the video. If you can get creative while presenting the functions and features of your product, it will be more effective.

3. Not creating enough volume of product videos

It is our belief that every single product page on your ecommerce site should have its own product video. This can seem like a daunting task, but a good video production agency will be able to batch create the content. For example, we can shoot around 8 product videos in a single day’s shooting. We do this with the correct planning, scripting, and organization on set. These videos will on average be around 60 seconds in length which is the optimal time to keep the potential buyer engaged.

Opportunities of Product Video Creation for Ecommerce Sites

Product videos come with a handful of opportunities for ecommerce sites. Following are some of these opportunities –

·       Unboxing videos of products are a good way to make customers connect with your product, while giving them a detailed look at the product as well.

·       A single product video can describe the features and functions of your product while advertising it at the same time. You could use the same video for video advertising on social media.

·       While making a video of your product, you can easily demonstrate how the product helps people in their regular life, resulting in a stronger bonding between the product and the customers.

·       If you can make your product videos SEO friendly, it will work as a successful marketing strategy for your ecommerce site as well.

·       You can follow some common steps to make your product video even more impactful here.

·       Doing video re-marketing with the product video can be a great way to get potential customers back to your website and finally purchase.

Product video creation for ecommerce sites is never easy. However, by following the necessary steps and with help from expert product video creation agencies, you can expect excellent results. Get in touch with Two Fresh, one of London’s highest rated video agencies, to boost up your sales with product video creation.