How to implement video to your email campaigns?

Video is a great tool to attract and retain attention of your target audience. It helps to generate brand awareness, boost sales and create a base of loyal customers. This is why video has become the tool of choice for almost every other marketer in the industry.  

Businesses have integrated video content with their marketing campaigns. They are also managing dedicated video channels on a wide variety of platforms to reach out and connect with their target audience.  

However, a simple (but, highly effective) strategy that most businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, are missing out on is to use video with your email marketing campaigns. It has shown to be a very powerful combination.  

Stats indicate that integrating video with email can –  

  • Lead to an increase of over 19% in your email open rates.  
  • Lead to an increase of 65% in click-through rates.  
  • Lead to a reduction in un-subscription rates by over 26%. 

This is not all, a recent report also claims that the mere mention of the word ‘video’ in the email subject line can lead to an increase of 6% in open rates.  

3 Ways to Add Video to Your Emails  

If you would like to enjoy the benefit of integrating videos with your email marketing campaign, here are 5 simple yet effective ways to do so – 

  1. Embed it into your emails  

One of the best ways to share a video in an email is to embed the video or the video player directly into the email. However, this might not always be possible because only a few email service providers offer this facility.  

  1. Upload it on your website (or landing page) and share a link  

You can also upload the video on your website (maybe in a blogpost where you also talk more about the same subject) or on a landing page and then share the link of the page in your email. This is also a nice way to keep track of the number of people who click on the link, watch the video and act on your CTA.  

  1. Upload on your channel and share a link  

If you have a YouTube channel or any other platform where you are trying to build a library of your video content, then upload the video over there and share its direct link in the email. This will also help to strengthen your channel and/or profile.  

Bonus Tip – Use a GIF of the video (and, share link to the entire thing) 

If sharing the entire video is not possible, you can also create a GIF of the most intriguing parts of the video and use them creatively in your email. Don’t forget to share the link of the entire video as well for interested readers to follow.  

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