How Much Does a 2D Animation cost?

In this video I'm going to explain how much 2D animation costs.

The two main things that affect the price of the animation is the duration and also its complexity. So, how long is the video? Do you have a specific art style you want to match? Will the animation include moving characters? Do you need a voiceover? Do you have a script? Is stock music suitable or can we commission a composer? These are the types of questions worth considering before entering the production stage of an animated project in order to identify goals and create a realistic estimation of costings around this. All these different elements are going to affect the price when you're working with a video marketing agency.

It's a good idea to be quite clear and upfront about what your budget is. This will make it a lot easier for the video marketing agency to scale the production according to your needs. It also cuts out any awkward conversation about overspending in certain areas and therefore, is definitely worth identifying before getting stuck in. A typical price ranges for 2D animation may start from £2,500, up to £8,000 or even £20,000. When estimating a budget its important to look at all elements, as unexpected costs can make your budget unrealistic further down the line.

 If you're looking at a short video, that's maybe 60 seconds in length, a 2D animation project tends to be between £4,000 to £6,500. As we’ve already stated, an estimation in cost will be determined by the complexity of the animation as well as timing. If you’re wanting an outcome that includes 3D animation, or to include a lot of elements within the animation, you should expect this to be more expensive.

Here are the components that make up the costing of a 2D animation video:

 ·       Producer/Director

·       Scriptwriting

·       Storyboarding

·       Voiceover recording

·       Royalty free soundtrack license

·       Graphic designer

·       Animator

·       Sound designer

·       Encoding

·       Video hosting

·       Data backup and storage

An animated 2D explainer video is a fantastic way for any business to explain what they do and how they add value in a unique, entertaining, and nostalgic way. It holds a lot of capabilities, especially in enabling an audience to visualise something that is not completely realised yet, such as a product that will need public funding in order to be developed.

According to Wyzowl’s 2020 State of Video Marketing report 96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more a about a product or service. This is undeniable evidence that creating animations that engage audiences to a product or service is a reliable way of explaining complicated things and making the product or service resonate in the viewers mind. Have a think about it, if your competitor has an explainer video on their website and you do not, who do you think has the best chance of converting that visitor into a customer?

At Two Fresh, we truly believe that all businesses can be benefit from the power of a 2D explainer animation. If you'd like to find out more about how 2D animation can help your business grow, then get in touch today.