How do I identify my target market?

Identifying your target market is imperative to creating a successful marketing campaign, we often ask our clients the question, who is your target market? And it may surprise you to hear that often many people sometimes need quite a lot of time to think about this.This is understandable as so many of us in business are so heavily invested in delivering our service to such a high level, that we often forget to take a step back and analyse who we do this for. Knowing who buys our services and products can give us so much more insight on how to find and retain other customers just like the ones we currently have. Knowing our target market means that we can better serve our customers as we can understand what they value and how they like to be treated and dealt with. 

A great simple way of defining your target market is by asking these 5 questions: 

Who - Who is my customer? 

What - What is my customer after, what do the they value?

Where - Where does my customer shop? Where do they hang out? Where are they going? 

Why - Why does my customer shop with me? Why are they after this particular product or service? 

How - How does this customer like to be spoken to? How does this customer like to do business? How does this customer like to purchase? 

You can really pinpoint and knuckle your target market down by asking yourself as many questions about your customer, there really is no right or wrong question. The act of analysis is what gives you strength in this situation.

Another good way of knuckling your target market down is by breaking each of your customers/clients into target persona groups, you may have different audiences that need to be communicated to in different ways. We run persona workshops for our clients that helps them identify each area of their business and individual target audiences so they can be effectively communicated to. These workshops are often really fun for the organisation doing them and it really helps them put things into perspective. If your interested in doing a persona workshop get in touch and we’ll book you in.