How Can I Make a Professional, Short Video more Authentic?


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Videos are one of the most prominent mediums used in promotion. According to learning hub, videos constitute 1200% more shares on social media than all the other types of content combined. Thanks to the rapid increase of smartphone usage, everyone is a videographer nowadays. But making a professional short video still requires a level of effort, expertise, and practice. Here we are going to share some tips with you on how to do just that. Read on to get a professional insight.


Everything begins with a plan. Your professional short video is no exception to this rule. Begin this by determining your goal and what do you want to achieve by making this video. Establish your target audience, who will be viewing your video and make your content accordingly. Lastly, connect with your audience. Make them feel what you want to convey through your video and try developing a personal dialogue with them.

Let there be light:

A video shot in dim light will not draw much attention. Always shoot your video in plenty of light, the cheapest way to do this is to choose a time to film where there is plenty of natural sunlight. This doesn’t need to be direct sunlight, an overcast sky in the day can hold equal light quality for your video.


The background of your video should reflect the theme and content of your video. You can create artificial environments by using green screen technology. There is no need to invest too much in this when you can make an original background with just a few things moving here and there.

Shooting your video:

People wrongfully assume that a professional short video requires shooting with a DSLR camera. Your smartphone can work just fine. Here are a few handy tips to use whilst shooting with your smartphone;

·       Always shoot in landscape mode.

·       The back facing camera is a better option as apposed to the front facing camera due to it holding a higher resolution.

·       Use the image stabilisation mode while shooting. Nobody likes shaky video footage.

·       A tripod is ideal, but you can also prop up your smartphone on books, photo frames, etc.

·       Familiarise yourself with the grid. It helps to capture the perfect frame and makes it easy to ensure everything is symmetrical.

Sound recording:

Spending a lot of money on production equipment isn’t completely necessary, but getting a decent audio recorder, aka microphone, is important. It will capture that clear and crisp sound that you hear on TV. This clarity will go a long way in ensuring the quality and professionalism of the short video that you’re aiming for.


Filmmakers swear by editing. A clunky, edited film can ruin a film’s narrative. The same is true for short videos. Editing your video will not only make it short and snappy, but will also keep the viewer engaged. There are many editing apps that you can use for this purpose, there’s no need to go overboard with it. Over-editing can take away from the originality of the video itself.

Shoot in parts:

You do not have to shoot your entire video in one go. Take a break whenever you feel tired or creatively exhausted. Take the time to energise yourself and come back to it with a fresh eye. It might take a bit longer but don’t worry, great movies take months, even years, to complete.

That concludes our tips on making a professional short video. We hope they will inspire you to get going and start shooting. For any help or guidance in making a professional video, you can contact Two Fresh, a professional video production and digital marketing agency.