How can E-Tailers embrace video marketing strategies this year?


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Video marketing is getting very popular these days. The reason behind this is the massive (and growing) popularity with the medium. It gets an enormous response from the online community and engages it like no other post on social media. But to avail its many benefits, you should devise an effective video marketing strategy for your business. We will talk about just that right here.

Who is an e-tailer?

An e-tailer is a company that exclusively sells its products via the internet. It favours an online presence over traditional stores. In our times, Amazon, Ali express, and E-bay are prime examples of e-tailers.

Video marketing strategy for e-tailers:

A successful video marketing strategy would incorporate the following elements;

Teaser videos:

A teaser video is a short-form video of around 1-3 minutes highlighting a new offering. It could be a new brand, sales promotion, a new model of an existing product, etc. It creates an element of suspense and surprise for the customers, as they start guessing what it could be. Teaser videos can be promoted as a reel story on social media and also as a full-fledged post. If done correctly, it generates a lot of hype on social media and involves the wider community surrounding it.

Unboxing videos:

Unboxing is the process of opening a new product and explaining its features whilst filming this process. Companies hire experts and celebrities to make unboxing videos, which enhances their appeal.   This can be either a short or long length video. An appropriate call to action button or tab is given at the end or during the unboxing videos. These videos influence the consumers and help to shape their opinion regarding the product. Unboxing videos should be included to form part of the video marketing strategy of every e-tailer.

Customer feedback videos:

These videos contain the customers’ feedback, reaction and opinion after using a product or service. Whilst filming such videos, it’s important to ensure that they look authentic and believable. For this, include some drawbacks of the products too. But of course, more favourable feedback should be at the forefront of the video; otherwise, it won’t serve the purpose. This should also include an appropriate call to action button , as is required for new customers.

Video tutorial:

This is another video marketing strategy that you can implement to promote a product and explain how to use it. This strategy is more popular with products that use technology or those that have a novelty or innovative factor attached to them. The tutorial will help optimize the buyers abilities in using the product, it will also entice new buyers to make a purchase. It is, in essence, a promotional video packaged as a tutorial.


Social media trends are a rage amongst users and are very popular with younger people. If your target audience comprises of young people, then you should consider initiating a social media trend. It could be anything, like doing a particular dance routine, a workout, a trick, an act of kindness, or any positive act whilst using your product.  The idea is to engage the audience and to promote your product within the process.


These are the main factors to consider when constructing a video marketing strategy for an e-tailer. now it’s time for you to get going and to start implementing these within your strategy. For making truly professional promotional videos you can contact TwoFresh , a leading video production and digital marketing agency, who will be more than happy to offer guidance and their professional input in more detail to help with your strategy.