Here’s Why Music is so Important in Branded Video Content

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In this article, we will be uncovering the importance of the use of music in branded video content. Music is a vital tool in building a connection with your target customer, however, there are some important points for you to consider before you pick your music track.

Music can make people feel alive

Sound creates vibrations within you that conversation can’t. Soundtracks provide consumers with the chance to establish an emotional connection beyond the focus of your brand or product. This gives people the chance to feel special or empowered. Have a good think about the feeling you are trying to evoke within your target audience and make sure you choose a track that recreates that emotion.

Align product or cause with music and lyrics

To form a true connection with your target audience, you must align your product or cause with a soundtrack that fits the narrative or reasoning behind your brand. Lyrical language is more of an artistic way of presenting a message to your audience rather than simply speaking. Lyrics tend to stick in the minds of a consumer, making your brand more memorable. These lyrics imprint in our minds when said in a musical tone in comparison to reciting them in a conversational manner.

Consider the structure of content when picking a soundtrack

Structure and music go hand in hand in the media world, using a soundtrack to carry the continuity of your visuals can make your advert more pleasing to watch and certainly more purposeful. Organising the pace of your visuals becomes a lot easier when using sound because you can create a personality for your brand through audio and visual language.

Catch consumer attention with music

When at home relaxing or occupied with a household task your eyes cannot always be on the screen. The way to catch the consumers’ attention is with an emotive sound; it can make people turn their heads and become instantly drawn to your visuals. Adverts nowadays should be designed to help the viewer feel the story as much as possible, if you look at the most popular ads over history each one has made us feel the emotion of joy, excitement, empathy or laughter.

Carefully choose an artist

A common mistake that brands make when it comes to advertisement is using an artist’s song of their choice rather than an artist who is well known within the target audience. Avoiding this and use tracks from relevant artists who can give your product the desired success.

Brands can use music to make a deeper impact

Building a connection with your consumer is not the only relationship you should be considering when producing adverts. Brands can use adverts and music to leave a deeper impact on their audiences and their lives. Think about the people on the other side of the screen and how you might be able to strengthen their relationships too.

In a recent study, Sonos, Apple Music and neuroscientist Daniel Livitin explored just how important music is in people’s lives. It unveiled the eye-opening result that couples who listen to music together spend 3 hours extra time in each other’s company at home in comparison to those who do not.

Music makes people happy

And finally, music prompts people to dance, triggering the release of your happy hormones Dopamine. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to make people happy? After all, as Don Draper in Mad Men would say, ‘isn’t the purpose of all advertising to make people happy?'

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