5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Video For Your Business

Granted a few years ago it may have been a luxury to have a video produced for your business. But now, do we really have to convince you that you actually need one! 

Here’s our top 5 reasons on why you should get on the content band wagon and enjoy the success that comes with having a promotional video for your business. 

  1. Credibility - There’s alot to say about a company or organisation that has gone out of their way to create a tailor made film for their business. It gives the business an opportunity to show a flavour of their service and instills confidence in prospects and clients that they are working with a professional outfit.
  2. Impact - you may have heard us say this before that, pictures say a thousand words. Well, video delivers 25 pictures per second. So make an impact with creative visuals, customer stories and high impact edited films.
  3. Search Engines like em! - yep its true video content and search engines like Google are chummy. Relevant video content featured on your website may impact your organic search listings dramatically.
  4. Sticky - yep having a video on your website makes your site alot stickier, ensuring prospects are hanging around longer then 0.02 seconds. Increasing the chance of your conversion on your contact forms.
  5. Multi Use and lasts - a well made video can last a company for at least a couple of years so long as the messaging and key services stay relevant. You can also use your video on Social media channels, give it to sales teams to load up on their ipads and use them in business presentations. The world is your oyster - enjoy each and every benefit that comes with it.

There are plenty more benefits that come with creating a video for your business. Hopefully we have convinced you that it is now time to invest in a video and if not then at least we hope you have enjoyed this informal read!

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