3 Tips You Need to Know Before Writing a Professional Video Animation Script

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The popularity of animation videos continues to rise in 2021, with 64% of consumers saying they are more likely to purchase a product after viewing an animation video according to Forbes. However, coming up with compelling video content requires consideration to several factors. One of the most crucial is having an excellent and professional video animation script.

Yes, it can be a daunting task if you are told to produce one when you only have a little bit of knowledge about video production. That’s why most companies usually hire a video production company  like us to do the task for them, from creating the script to animating the video and creating a marketing strategy for the final output. A professional video animation script serves as the skeleton that gives life to the animation, so it must be strategically written to influence your target audience to take action. If you wish to try your hand at script writing for an animation video, here are a few tips to get you started:

·      Get To Know Your Audience

The first step is to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of your audience so you can streamline your ideas and provide the required treatment for your script. It is a given that you know your product very well; however, what is important is whether or not you can convey the importance and usefulness of your product to the audience. Do some research before you start the script writing process. Ask the sales team the most common objections they receive in the sales process, and what language or sentences they use to overcome them? What are the main pain points your service or product solves? A good idea is to send a questionnaire to your clients and understand why they bought from you and what aspects of your service they value the most.

·       Use The AIDA Principle To Structure Your Script

The AIDA principle has been used in marketing and sales since the 1960’s and is a proven advertising system to create engagement with your target audience. Here is a quick breakdown of the AIDA principle:

Attention – Grab your prospect attention by stating the main problem they have.

Interest – Draw more interest by highlighting an issue through stories they can relate with.

Desire – Now they have related to a problem, here is where you provide the solution.

Action – This is the call to action: get them to call today, or sign up to your service, you must move them along the sales process.

So if you are writing a 60 second script, you could break each of these sections into 15 second segments. This is a system that we have used for hundreds of clients, resulting in fantastic returns on investment.

·      Collaborate with your Animator

It might seem a bit early for the animator to step in during the conceptualizing stages of production but having the first draft of an animated script ready requires communication and collaboration with the animator. While you can always input the visuals you have in mind for a professional video animated script, it is best to give room for designers and artists to transform your animated video from the get-go.

An effective and professional animated video script is always a collaborative project. With TwoFresh, it’s not just about understanding the production but also about understanding you, the purpose and the goal of your brand. We strive to understand all aspects of your project to enable us to create strong, compelling content for your video marketing goals. If you need help with your video script writing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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