3 Reasons why video on your website helps you get more leads

Video is by far one of the best ways of connecting with your audiences, creating brand awareness, driving revenues and successfully growing your business.  

And, it is no longer limited to just social media platforms or landing pages.  

In fact, marketers are using videos across platforms (including their own website) for lead generation, improving conversion rate and, even, to simply create awareness about a particular product or brand.  

Businesses, small and big, can utilise videos for any such purpose and see a better ROI. 

If you haven’t already started leveraging the power of video on your own website, here are some research-backed facts to help you make an informed choice.  

Here are 3 reasons why video can help generate more leads  

Here are 3 reasons why video is able to generate leads for your website like no one else –  

  1. Helps generate trust in your audience  

People trust video content. A recent survey found that over 57% people feel more confident about making a purchase when they have seen a video about a product or brand. Video will help to instantly connect with your audiences on a deeper level.  

  1. Helps bring clarity to things    

Once people see your product or service visually they instantly gain more clarity about it. It will help to attract the right attention and persuade such viewers to check out your products in detail or call you to know more about your services.  

  1.  Helps to engage your viewers  

Video is a very engaging form of content. People like to see things on video and it is also something that can be shared and has the potential to quickly go viral. A single video can engage thousands of people to connect with your brand every now and then.   

Tips to optimise videos for better lead generation  

Yes, videos can generate much better leads for you than any other form of content. However, there are some small tips and tricks that you can use to optimise videos to perform even better, such as –  

  • Choose a video type that is appropriate for your audience and will help you achieve your objectives. For example, if you want to create product awareness, choose a product tutorial video or a product testimonial video.  
  • Get the best results out of your videos by adding a strong call-to-action. Tactfully persuade viewers to call you or message you right away.  
  • Link your website videos in your blog and social media posts. It is an organic way of gaining traction for your videos and increasing leads and conversion rate.  

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