Video Production Agency

Since being established in 2009 we have developed our video production agency to provide the ultimate holistic video experience. Our deep understanding of influence through video combined with our expertise in digital marketing is what really makes us unique. 

We have a three step process that delivers fantastic results for our clientele: 

Step 1 - Strategy 

Through our strategy workshop we get to understand your target market in as much detail as possible and create a concept that is going to connect, engage and inspire your target audience. 

Step 2 - Production 

We have a team of creative professionals that make the production process a joy for our clients. Our team are creative, have a high attention to detail and are passionate about the video content they create. 

Step 3- Distribution 

This is where the real ROI is made if done correctly. After producing the perfect video for you, we then get your target market viewing it. Whether this is through online digital marketing or other offline creative strategies, our distribution team will produce some fantastic results for you. 

It is important for us as a company that the client has a phenomenal experience working with Two Fresh. We pride ourselves on the fact that our clients thoroughly enjoy the creative process with us and more importantly that the content they create with us works for them and produces results.

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