Macmillan Education

Working with Macmillan Education

Macmillan Education are a global publishing company that create educational content for learners around the world.

Two Fresh have a long history of working with Macmillan Education, helping them create various films across their English language courses. The films created for Macmillan Education involve actors, interviews with entrepreneurs, animation and real world vox pop interviews.

Our Producers organised and executed all aspects of video production from casting talent, organising shoot locations, risk assessments, permits, scripts and schedules.

Our Directors focused on getting the very best creative content and performances possible. We then animated, edited, and subtitled the films in order to create a large body of content that is in excess of 100 films.


We have worked with Two Fresh to produce a number of video products for our educational series’ here at Macmillan. Two Fresh have really taken the time to understand the products we produce; The team have always shown us a great balance of offering creative guidance when needed, while listening to our ideas and executing our requirements. Their effort at making us feel at ease has helped us to develop products we are really proud of. From booking talent, locations, permits and licenses, to working with Macmillan editorial, design and media teams, they always maintain a high level of communication regarding project development. Their attitude is both professional and personable across the board, they are unyielding in ensuring that the job gets done and that the journey getting there and final product are as positive as possible.
— Natalie D. Multimedia Producer, Macmillan Education