How Youtube Video Advertising Works

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We wanted to put this little guide together to discuss and give you a brief breakdown on how Youtube video advertising works and how you can maximise the benefits of it. 

Youtube is known as the second biggest search engine online, Google are first and they own Youtube. It's important to understand this relationship as your video content has a far wider reach then you may have imagined. 

So here is how it works...

Everyday we may use Google or Youtube to search for things, it could be for entertainment value, commerce, education or many other reasons. Google monitors our search activity and begin to build up a profile on us, our likes, our dislikes, our spending activity and many other relevant details on how we like to interact online. This information constantly grows and updates as we keep using the internet. 

Armed with information about it's users, Youtube/Google begin to deliver adverts, search listings and video content that is relevant or would provide value to that specific user.

This is great for businesses and advertisers as it allows them to distribute video content to people who have shown an interest to a service or product that they may provide. 

Not only does Google and Youtube have a database full of information, but it also has tools to distribute video content to specific target groups based on gender, area and sectors. Allowing advertisers to be even more specific. 

How much do you pay? 

If you want to take advantage of Youtube video distribution then you will need to allocate some budget every month towards this. The budget can vary depending on your target audience and the keywords chosen. 

We recommend using a specialist company to help you manage this (ahem :-) as they can help you focus your search and have experience working with Youtube and Google's Algorithm.