New Work: Flashbay

Flashbay are one of the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of customised technology products. They are based in five offices around the world, they ship out and sell over 2 million products per month, and they have over 800 staff working for them globally.

Flashbay wanted to encapsulate their company culture within a short snappy film that gave new staff a brief intro to the company and set the tone for what new staff might expect when working with them.

Our team learned about the culture and services, they then conceptualised a quirky script and storyboard for production. We collaborated throughout this process with Flashbay in order to make sure that the script was perfect for them.

The creative inspiration for the video was the work of Hollywood director Wes Anderson, both in its cinematography and tonality.

Our team made sure every logistical element for the shoot was planned to a tee. Flashbay were extremely happy and here is what they said about working with Two Fresh:

Flashbay storyboard 1-10.jpg
Flashbay storyboard 11-18.jpg
Two Fresh have been great to work with on bringing our recruitment video to life. They understood our concept quickly, and were very easy to work with during the development, filming and post-production stages. We were made to feel at ease with their organisation and knowledge, and they really seemed to understand what we were trying to achieve, unlike other companies that offered us a lot of the ‘same’ with limited innovation and creative ideas. The company is laid back and friendly but professional and attentive. Would recommend them to any business - our company and employees enjoyed working with them, especially on the filming day.
— Natalie M. - Flashbay