Formula For Success

Having a promotional video for your business historically was seen as a bit of a luxury for most businesses. However now it has become an absolute necessity. Customer buying habits are based on various things. 

A promotional video can encompass a huge amount of information that can tell your prospects that you are credible, professional and good at what you do. It can set the tone and indicate what type of experience a client will have when undertaking your service. 

Its's a good idea to cater the promotional video to your ideal target market. For example if you are in healthcare or law it could be a good idea to feature a client testimonial within the promotional video in order to alleviate any fears a prospect may have and get them hearing from someone in a similar position to them.


If your business offers a product or service that is quite exciting then it maybe a good idea to make a promotional video that is energetic and playful, connecting with people on an emotional level can be a very powerful thing. 

Tone is everything and getting this right can make or break your brand image. So take the time to think about your audience before creating a film. 

Once your promotional video has been made, there are a variety of different ways for it to be seen. We recommend that the promo video should absolutely be in the top tier of your website homepage. Pictures say a thousand words and video takes 25 pictures every second! 

Having a promotional video on your homepage can increase the page time a visitor spends on your website and be the push a prospect needs to get in touch. A huge mistake that a lot of businesses make is that they spend lots of money to produce a fantastic video and then they decide to hide it on one of their other pages on the website. Connecting your video agency to your web development team is so important as they can have the dialogue of how best to feature the video in order for it to maximise audience attention. 

Promotional videos can also be pinned to the top of twitter pages and Facebook business pages in order to consistently deliver your message. Some of our clients like to send it out in email newsletters and prepare the video for offline materials like digital brochures, USB's and display TV's. 

If you want any advice on undertaking a promotional video then get in touch today.