What's Your Favourite? YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia?

There are many video hosting services on the huge wide web that it can sometimes be a little overwhelming to know which one to upload your video to.

This guide will give you our recommendations on video hosting, so you can showcase your video content in front of the right people in the right place.

Some businesses post their video on as many video platforms as they can. Is this good practice? We think no and we will explain why. Duplicated content found in search engines does not rank as well as having one unique property and in cases will often cancel each other out and not give the video content the exposure it deserves.

Also it is important to know that although video content provides many SEO benefits in some cases the SEO only really benefits the sites the videos are hosted on. So choosing the right platform is really important.

When choosing the right video platform you should take a few things into account:

Video Player Quality

Does the platform offer high quality streaming at the click of a button?

We believe that you should use the major video providers rather than self-hosting your videos on your own server because they already have the infrastructure to deliver high bandwidth content as fast as possible. Content can be delivered across mobile and as technology develops these companies move with the changes.


Does the platform have its own community ready to watch?

Youtube & Vimeo have a large community of people ready to watch your video when uploading to their platform. Youtube’s audience is wide and have people viewing who have lots of different interests, are from different demographics and sectors.

Often videos that go viral will often be successful on Youtube or on Facebook native video.

Vimeo’s community is based more on the creative industry and professional filmmakers. Content on vimeo often has professional film making principles involved in the videos and less user generated content. Not to say that it does not feature any at all.

Wistia does not have an audience ready to watch your videos but have other features which are desirable for a digital marketer.

The Play Bar

Sometimes how you want your content to show on your website determines how you host the video.

Many websites host their videos in different ways some self-host their content but in most cases businesses embed their content.

Youtube offers a standard Youtube play bar across all of its content that cannot be customised. This also includes Youtube’s branding.

Although a great player, many businesses want the focus to be all about themselves and their own brand and often opt to use Vimeo or Wistia in order to customise the play bars colours, options and logos.

Video SEO

Who benefits with video keywords?

One of the most important things about using online video is the SEO benefits it provides your brand. However, knowing how these benefits work is important for your brand. Youtube, Vimeo & Wistia allow you to add a description and add video keywords that you can populate to tell search engines why the video is relevant.

With Youtube, Vimeo basic, plus and Pro SEO keywords directly benefit the hosting platforms. In a search engine the video will have good search functionality and will often appear, however the content will not necessarily link to your website. It will link directly to where the video is hosted.

This is where we believe Wistia excels, Wistia will embed the keyword content into your site and all of the search benefits will go directly to your business website and not to Wistia.


What they cost? 

·      Youtube is free to use, and adverts can feature across your content

·      Vimeo has multiple plans. Here are the different options

·      Wistia has multiple plans but is more of an investment if you plan on releasing lots of video content over a long term period. However, in our opinion one of the best options if you want to generate leads directly from the videos.

What is Important to you?

If you are still unsure which video platform is for you get in touch via this contact form and we will help guide you.