Enfield Council

Working with Enfield Council

Enfield Council are responsible for many of the schools within the London Borough of Enfield. They wanted to ensure that parents and students were aware of the high quality education the borough could offer them, and began a journey to highlight their successes and school stories on a micro site called ‘Succeed’. 

Two Fresh became the ‘Succeed’ campaign’s content partner and created various films set in different schools and settings within the borough of Enfield. The films highlighted stories across all areas of education, including primary, secondary and sixth form. Our team interviewed students, teachers, parents, councillors and various educational staff in order to showcase why Enfield was a great place for parents to bring their children.

The Succeed campaign showcased the videos online through bus campaign adverts and through digital Youtube True View marketing campaigns. This resulted in a high concentration of brand awareness and a deeper political focus on education.