ELT Video Production

Two Fresh are a highly experienced ELT video production specialist based in London. Our team has created hundreds of ELT videos for Publishers. Our content has been distributed globally and are clients continue to use us for all of their ELT needs.


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Our team understand the process behind ELT courses and can plan the project around authors, editors and publishing media producers.


Our producers can be as flexible as you need them to be, allowing more time for refining scripts, concepts and doing the occasional unplanned editing revisions at the drop of a hat.


Our producers have a high attention to detail ensuring all logistics fall into place and shoots run smoothly.


We take it upon ourselves to create a happy working environment. Everyone involved is clear in their role and the objective we are seeking to accomplish.This breeds amazing results as everyone is aligned to creating the best product possible.


We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with businesses, acting agencies and location houses. We often work with our clients to help them source specific talent or filming locations from our contact sphere.


We are use to working within tight deadlines with multiple stakeholders. We use project management software to ensure we are always on time and in line with your expectations. Our team can also help advise on what is realistic and what may need additional time for specific video projects.


Our team of producers and video makers are experinced in various filming styles in ELT video production including vox pops, acted scenarios, interviews, life skills, motion gfx film and studio shoots.


Our team create highly engaging films that are clear in their messaging and story. We work with actors to get great perfomances and guide them on their speech, tempo and tone.


We love to add motion gfx and animation to our videos in order to make them more dynamic and interesting. Complex ideas that may not be easily conveyed due to complexity or investment can now be easily done with animation.


Our team know how to have fun but they are also methodical and professional. We strive to have clear communication with colleagues and clients throughout the video production process.

Pre Production

  • Scripting and script reviewing
  • Scheduling
  • Crew planning 
  • Location Scouting and booking
  • Talent sourcing
  • Casting
  • Research
  • Props gathering
  • Licensing 
  • Project management
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  • Filming
  • Sound recording
  • Photography
  • High definition video
  • Sliders
  • Rigs and Jibs
  • Lighting
  • Studio hire
  • On location filming and management
  • Catering

Post Production

  • Editing 
  • Voice over recording
  • Sound editing 
  • Colour grading
  • Animation & Motion GFX
  • Encoding
  • Subtitling
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We have worked with Two Fresh to produce a number of video products for our educational series’ here at Macmillan. Two Fresh have really taken the time to understand the products we produce; The team have always shown us a great balance of offering creative guidance when needed, while listening to our ideas and executing our requirements. Their effort at making us feel at ease has helped us to develop products we are really proud of. From booking talent, locations, permits and licenses, to working with Macmillan editorial, design and media teams, they always maintain a high level of communication regarding project development. Their attitude is both professional and personable across the board, they are unyielding in ensuring that the job gets done and that the journey getting there and final product are as positive as possible.
— Natalie D. Multimedia Producer, Macmillan Education

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