Digital marketing

The world has changed dramatically over the last decade. The Internet and social media have affected our lives.

People's attention is now spread across many platforms. Seeing a few thousand advertisements during the course of a day has become the norm. Amongst others we see them on billboards, the side of a bus or whilst playing a game on our smartphones.

During this technological shift, digital marketing has become even more important to businesses. We can harness more information on target markets by looking at their interests, what they like to do during their downtime and learn more about how they like to shop.

Consumers are intelligent and have become desensitised to ads that do not add value to their lives. So it's important to target your audience with content that matters to them. Two Fresh can help you identify your market through our strategy workshops and create content for you that will speak directly to your audience. We will also go one step further and help distribute content through platforms that work for your target demographic.

We offer a holistic digital marketing service:

For specific services we use agency partners who specialise in their field to ensure you get the best value for your money. 

Everything is managed under one roof by a dedicated Two Fresh Producer to ensure that all the marketing communications work 360. 


What strategy solutions do we offer?

Paid Search - through our search partner

Social media marketing - through our social partner

SEO - through our seo partner

YouTube True view Video

Media Buying

Facebook Video ppc

Influencer Marketing - through our PR partners