Hi all 

please find the website in link below. Because there are a few of us working on this project I thought it would be good to consolidate all of our feedback in one place. 

Can you add any feedback on this page in the comments section. Once we have dealt with any amends then I can go about getting the site live and booking in a date to train your managers on how to edit the data on the site. 

Development notes-

  • The imagery being used on the website has been selected from Shutterstock. If imagery is approved then we will purchase and replace the placeholder versions. 
  • We have tested the site on google Chrome, Firefox and Safari - however if you notice any bugs please let us know and take a screenshot if possible.
  • In some instances where text was not provided we have left blank or written own content to match. It would be advisable to double check all areas. 
  • In the footer of the site we have also added the PDF's as a download option incase parents wanted to see everything on offer from each hub. This will also be updatable.