Working with Assetgrove

Assetgrove Lettings are a guaranteed rent specialist targeting Landlords and Estate Agents across London. They wanted to become established as the number one guaranteed rent company in London. We developed for them a yearlong program of diverse video content to help them achieve this.

The content plan had various styles of video. In addition to tying in with Assetgrove's brand it was also ultimately aimed at reaching different target audiences for them. We created an animation for the homepage of their website which gave a professional insight into Assetgroveā€™s service.

We filmed company interview videos so prospects could see their staff's passion and expertise for what they did. Our team also conceptualised, planned and produced parody spinoff videos of recognisable adverts on television in order to reach a wider audience on Youtube and Facebook.

This subsequently resulted in hundreds of thousands of views on social media, more enquiries on the website and more converted Clients.